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Princess Louisa Inlet Tour

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"Amazing! ... Awesome! ... Tremendous!" These are only a few of the words people use when they first experience Princess Louisa Inlet. It's something you have to see and be part of to truly understand. Join our marine sightseeing tour, departing Egmont on the Sunshine Coast. We travel through the wilderness areas of Jervis Inlet, pass through Malibu Rapids into Princess Louisa Inlet and spend time ashore in the Provincial Park, right beside world famous Chatterbox Falls.

The dock is quiet in the fall

Glacial action carved these steep sided fjords. When it rains there are countless waterfalls running down these steep faces. Each passing weather system causes major changes to the look of the Inlet. Every trip through here is unique.

During your travel you can marvel at the large landscapes, waterfalls, native pictographs, glaciers, and early settlement areas. The boat operator will give a commentary pointing out the features. This is the highlight for a lot of passengers. There are so many interesting things to see in the 30 mile trip! Don't try to pay attention to everything. Pick out what fascinates you, relax and enjoy.

At the entrance to Princess Louisa Inlet we pass through Malibu Rapids. This narrow channel was overlooked by the first European explorer. The shallow channel restricts water flow so extreme currents during large tidal exchanges. It's no problem for our fast planing hull boats and capable operators.

When you go ashore in the Provincial Park you're visiting what was once the homestead of James MacDonald. He grew to think of himself more as a caretaker than an owner. For greatest public benefit ownership was passed from Mac to the society he created, and then to the Province of British Columbia. Princess Louisa Marine Park was created. The Province maintains a dock and short walking trail (500 meters <500 yards> round trip) here that gives you easy access to the base of Chatterbox Falls.

Scheduled Tour duration: 5-hour day

  • Depart the Backeddy Marina, Egmont at 10:30 am (It's not essential but we recommend that you overnight on the Sechelt Peninsula; 2 nights here is even better. Stay the night before and the night following your tour day.)
  • We're back by 3:30 pm.
  • We schedule a stop in Princess Louisa Inlet with free time ashore so you can take the sort walk out to Chatterbox Falls.
  • We recommend you make arrangements to bring a lunch.

Price per person including tax:

  • Adults $149.00 (141.91 + 7.09 gst)
  • Youth (under 12) $ 99.00 (94.29 + 4.71 gst)
  • General Information about the Princess Louisa Tour:

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    Tour departures are available year round. Winter is a fabulous time to make this trip. In low season when there are no schedules with ticket sales available consider a charter. (Charter agreements involve a payment for the boat as a whole.) Email to ask or call to about details.

    Once any reservations are confirmed we will not cancel the trip for lack of numbers. Until confirmations are issued the schedule is subject to change. Make sure you reserve ahead to avoid disappointment.

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