Princess Louisa Inlet – Chatterbox Falls


Princess Louisa Inlet is the ULTIMATE tour destination. “Amazing! … Awesome! … Tremendous!” These are only a few of the words people use when they first experience it. This is something you have to be there and feel it to truly understand. Steep glacial carved walls of granite rise out of what is often mirror calm water. The enclosure is surreal.

Join our marine sightseeing tour, departing Egmont on the Sunshine Coast. For two hours we wind our way through the wilderness areas of Jervis Inlet, then pass through Malibu Rapids into Princess Louisa Inlet. After the mesmerizing ride up Princess Louisa Inlet we go ashore and spend time ashore in the Provincial Park, right beside world famous Chatterbox Falls.

Glacial action carved these steep sided fjords. When it rains there are countless waterfalls cascading down. Each passing weather system causes major changes to the look of the Inlet. Every trip through The Princess Louisa Inlet is unique.


Summer: (June to Sept) – Daily
Spring (March, April, May) & Fall: (October, November) – Frequently
Winter: Tours are available by arrangement

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We have regular scheduled tours and can arrange charter outings outside of scheduled times.


5 Hour Tour (10:30AM – 3:30PM)


Tours depart from the Backeddy Marina: 16660 Backeddy Rd, Egmont, BC and are available year round. Winter is a fabulous time to make this trip. In low season when there are no schedules with ticket sales available consider a charter.


Group departures can be arranged to suit any schedule. Call toll free to 1-800-870-9055 to ask about making special arrangements.


Adults: $149.00 ($141.91 + $7.09 GST)
Youth: (under 12) $99.00 ($94.29 + $4.71 GST)
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Everything you need to know about going on a Princess Lousia Tour.



Payment in full is required to confirm your reservation. No refunds are available. Once any reservations are confirmed we will not cancel the trip for lack of numbers. Until confirmations are issued the schedule is subject to change. Make sure you reserve ahead to avoid disappointment.


What to Expect

Tours depart from the Backeddy Marina at 10:30 am (it’s not essential but we recommend that you overnight on the Sechelt Peninsula; 2 nights is even better.) On this tour you can marvel at the large landscapes, waterfalls, native pictographs, glaciers, and early settlement areas. The boat operator will comment on the most interesting features of Jervis Inlet. We touch on the history, geography and current events. This is the highlight for a lot of passengers. There are so many interesting things to see in the 30 mile trip! Don’t try to pay attention to everything. Pick out what fascinates you, relax and enjoy.

At the entrance to Princess Louisa Inlet we pass through Malibu Rapids. This narrow channel was overlooked by the first European explorer. The shallow channel restricts water flow so extreme currents develop during large tidal exchanges. It’s no problem for our fast planing hull boats and capable operators. Inside Princess Louisa Inlet everything seems to get bigger, steeper and grander. When you go ashore in the Provincial Park, relax and enjoy 1 hour of free time to explore. There is a dock and short 500 meter round trip walking trail (550 yards) that gives you easy access to the base of the legendary Chatterbox Falls. There is also a picnic area (we recommend you bring a lunch) and outhouses.

Our tour boats are classified “Small Passenger Vessels” by Transport Canada. For passenger comfort on a long day like this we use boats with cabins and inside seating. The back deck area is open for unrestricted viewing.

What to Bring

  • Packed Lunch for picnic at the Provincial Park.
  • Light sweater and or rainwear.
  • Camera (and protective case/bag).
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses and / or sunhat.
  • Comfortable footwear is recommended. Soft-soled shoes are best.
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“We joined Tim and Sunshine Coast Tours to have a magnificent and thoroughly enjoyable experience visiting the Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox falls. The scenery is spectacular, the beauty of this place is breathtaking. The falls are beautiful and the cliffs towering straight up above stunning. The trip with Tim was awesome, he was excellent, friendly, hospitable and very knowledgeable of the areas geography and history. Our boat companions were great and we had a great time together!”

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